These Colorful Glasses Eliminate the Need to Label Your Drink

When COVID-19 hit and I became afraid of my own germs, let alone everyone else’s, I developed an obsession with washing cups. During peak quarantine, by midday I’d simply collect any cups laying about and scrub them with scalding hot water and probably too much dish soap. Two years later I’m happy to report I save most of the cup-washing for the end of the night. But suffice it to say, the days when I felt comfortable sharing drinks with a friend are long gone. Lately, when I have people over, I get a little, um, intense about which cup belongs to whom. Enter Duralex Picardie Multicolor Glass Tumblers (I own one set of six cups). These colorful cups keep my germ anxiety at bay from coffee dates to aperitivo hour, without having to divulge my neuroses to guests.

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