Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler
Duralex Amalfi Tumbler Amalfi Tumbler

Amalfi Tumbler 4 5/8 oz Set of 4

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" x 2.5 " x 3.2"
4 5/8oz ()
This set of tumblers is a great addition to your glassware. Made of tempered glass, this set of four tumblers features a durable construction that is impact and chip resistant. The glass is manufactured to withstand sudden temperature extremes, so it is ideal for hot or cold drinks. It's perfect for espresso, wine, or liquor, as the curved design of the mug makes it a versatile piece of glassware and very fashionable at the same time. Features: Tempered glass. Shock and chip resistant. Suitable for hot or cold liquids. Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. The Amalfi tumbler is a memorable, chic design.
" x 2.5 " x 3.2" cm x cm x cm
" x " x " cm x cm x cm
4 5/8oz ()


Duralex tempered glass is 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass.


Duralex is manufactured to withstand sudden temperature extremes from -4°F to 212°F and is suitable for hot or cold liquids.


If broken by strong shock, Duralex shatters into small pieces, reducing the risk of injury.


Nonporous Duralex glass does not absorb liquid.


The Duralex glasses and bowls are stackable for convenient and space saving storage.


Constant quality control guarantees excellence and built in durability insures that Duralex products will maintain their look for many years.


Specifically designed for cooking in an oven, the OVENCHEF range is made from reinforced tempered glass resistant to a thermal shock of 200°C/392°F


Adaptable modern glassware can go directly from the freezer to the microwave. Dishwasher Safe.

Recommendations for all products.
* Do not use our products in the oven except for our OVENCHEF range which includes roasting dishes and ramekins.
* Do not use our products directly over a flame.
* Do not expose our products to a sudden change of temperature of more than 130°C/392°F.
* Do not use a damaged or chipped product (risk to the user).
* Avoid scratching the products' surface.

* Wash before use.
* Soak the dish in soapy water for 20 minutes.
* Do not use metallic sponges, pads, powders or abrasives.
* To remove hard water stains, try vinegar. If this doesn't work, we suggest trying a hard water product called LemiShine which can be found at the local grocery store. Then trying soaking your glassware in LemiShine and warm water.

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Karen F.
United States United States
Lovely little tumbler

Lovely little glass for espresso or wine. As always with Dursley, it is very sturdy.

Blase G.
United States United States

I have a larger oz size already but the smaller ones that I purchased recall the glasses my grandfather had at the dinner table for wine, and I am 75. These say simplicity and family to me. That’s a lot to wrap in one small glass.